Welcome to my Blog!

This is a collection of my life. You’ll find categories ranging from Movies, Food, and Video Games, to Paddle Boarding, LEGO, and Tattoos. I’d have to say it is an odd selection of interests but it is my odd selection of interests.

You don’t have to be here, no one asked you to be here, so why stay? Well if you’re anything like me you’d say you’re a bit different. You’d say that you don’t have a single thing that defines you or your interests. So wether you share all or even just one of my interests why not tag along? Share your own stories with me, share your own thoughts with me, share your own dreams and wishes with me. You’re not alone in your interests and this blog is a collection of many interests that others share along with you and me. My only ask is that you are respectful of others and mindful of your surroundings.

Come join me as I share my life, my thoughts, my joys with the world. Lets take the road forward.




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