Grading Scale For Movies (No longer in theaters)

This will be my template for my grading scale on movies that have been released from theaters on a scale of 1 to 10.

The reason I prefer to do this when the movies have been released is because then I can actually focus on a proper grade for the movie and I can do what I can to enjoy the movie in the theater in the moment. If I review a movie that is in the theater I will watch it again after it is released to give it a grade based off of my scale. Because of this, the reviews for the movies I watch that are released will be more in depth where as the reviews while they are still in theaters is more of a “go see this movie” or “wait for this to be out of theaters”.

The 10 questions are as follows (This is completely based off of my preferences so be warned):

1. Was the score/music fitting for the film?
2. Was the pace of the movie fitting for the story?
3. Was the acting convincing?
4. How was the directing/direction of the film?
5. Could you follow the plot? Did it make sense?
6. How were the set designs and overall production quality?
7. How were the special effects?
8. Was the writing consistent?
9. Did the tone of the film fit the story?
10. Could I see myself as a character in the film?

If I have to answer N/A to any of these questions, the question will be scratched and the percentage given will be based off of the remaining questions.

Now lets get watching!


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