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My name is Michael Burch. I am a 24 year old native of Portland, Oregon. If you look hard enough it isn’t hard to find me. I’d like to think I’m a very open and well spirited person but I guess that is truly for others to decide. I have a girlfriend who is my partner in crime in everything I do. In fact, some of these posts and ‘reviews’ will sport her opinion, so you might see a “What Ally thinks:” on certain things. If you couldn’t tell already, I have a large list of hobbies and interests and I would list them off but that seems fairly redundant, doesn’t it? Anyways, more about me…

I work in the medical field full time (I won’t get into specifics but it’s not hard to find out). I’ve always tried to be someone that others can go to for anything and I hope that this blog can possibly do that for some people with shared interests. Like my streams on Twitch, I ask that you be respectful and mindful of others. This blog is meant to be a place of shared interests, not a battleground.

Why blog? Well the thought of blogging occurred to me years ago, roughly when I first turned 21. I thought it would be fun and funny to start what I would have called “The Hangover Cure” blog. It would have featured me getting trashed at night, wake up, rating my hangover from ‘weak’ to ‘worst ever’, and then proceeding to trying different places to eat and rate how much it helped my hangover. Now, I dreamed this would go big and people from all over would give me recommendations and places to go and restaurants would invite me in to test their foods. What is this, food channel!? I wish. So that’s how it all started, but I began thinking, why stop there? Sure, I could add that category to my blog but why not share all of my interests since there’s so many spreading over a large genre. So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve created a blog with a lot of my interests and will continue to add more and more as the time goes. I also love to write, hence why I participate in WordPress’ Daily Prompt. You don’t have to enjoy all the thing I do, you might not even enjoy any of them, but it doesn’t mean you can’t see through my eyes at the things I do. Who knows, you might even start to like one or some of these things.

I will forewarn you that you might see posts in multiple categories. Some things just fall under more than one, ya know? Each post made will fall under the primary category but will be further distributed into my smaller, more finely detailed categories. I am very new to all of this blogging stuff so I apologize if there are any big changes that come up. I’m still trying to create this blog to what I envisioned it to be and make so ease of access changes along the way.

Thank you all, cheers!



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