White Dress

He stood with his back turned. His hands had a slight shake and the nervous sweat began as he stood there waiting. Whispers in the background began as the music began to play. The last 3 years had culminated to this point. The whispers began to get louder. He turned around to see the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She walked up slowly to him, guided by her father, with a smile that went ear to ear. They were both just as red as the roses that were spread throughout the building. As she took each step her white dress flowed behind her like sheets in the wind. She finally reached him and she put her hands on his. They didn’t have to say anything as they both knew what the other was thinking. He was blown away by how elegant she was. The whole room had disappeared. It was just her and him holding hands. He thought about the moment he knew he loved her. On top of the mountain they climbed as she gave him a hard time for being so far ahead of him. She was as radiant then as she is now. They drove each other, picked each other up, held each other from falling back. He knew he made the right choice.

via Daily Prompt: Radiant


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