Jarvin 25

The grass was tall and a deep shade of green. Was this really grass though? Gina was already collecting samples. It blew in the wind like you would see in the movies back home. But this wasn’t one of those movies. This was the real thing. We were really here. Our advancements had brought us here. The new “Wild West” as some would call it. The forest surround the wide open fields of grass. These were tall trees we had never seen before. Colorful is the only word that came to mind at the time. The tops were purple but we were too far away to truly see the finer details. The sky was white. You couldn’t even make out the shape of the clouds. We moved forward towards the forest in front of us. That’s when Jack said it, “eerily quiet, isn’t it”? It was like that scene out of Alien: Covenant. The only noise we could here was the blades of grass rustling in the wind as it brushed against our hips. Almost immediately as if on queue, a shrieking roar came from behind the forrest. We stood frozen. This is what we had trained for. This is why we were here. We were here to learn. We were here to live. We were here to explore.

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