White Butterflies

The air was piercing. Within the night it came hard and quick with a blistering chill that could freeze the water on a lake. With each breath I created a cloud of steam that fogged my goggles. Looking forward all I could see was shades of white and grey. To my left? Nothing but the same. We stammered forward trying to regain our position in the forest. The wind had finally died down enough for us to make a push for the open but we had no idea how long it would last. It felt like we had trudged on for hours but we honestly hadn’t had a clue. The grey was forever lasting in all directions. It began to snow during our walk. Lightly at first. The snowflakes fell from the sky light small white butterflies, gently landing on the ground around us. In all this darkness that surrounded our situation I could finally find something beautiful to see. We continued on as the snow began to get harder. We were frigid at this point. The cold crept around us like death had left the door open. Beginning to lose all sensations in our extremities, we knew we couldn’t stop or the storm could take us. Darkness began to set in and the real panic began to set in. We weren’t going to make it through this storm. I brought her close to me and it already seemed like she had accepted what I had just figured out. We didn’t have to say anything.



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