Still Falling

I was always curious who the new recruits could be before I had to help interview them. Even with a quick glance I could get a general feel for how they would fit into our group. I peaked my head around the corner, curious. We had been short staffed for months and the work had become physically draining. I had already done more than 8 interviews with no real promising applicant but with that slight peak around the office corner I knew. I knew things were going to be at the very least, okay. She sat there smiling. Her face a little red from the nervousness. Well dressed with a jacket and slacks. She was gorgeous. I couldn’t say that though. I couldn’t let my opinion be swayed by someone just because I was attracted to them. So that’s exactly what I did. We walked into that office to begin the interview, we introduced ourselves, and we sat down. Now, I had sat through many interviews at this point and things weren’t looking to great based off the other candidates and the current manager was driving the staff insane, myself included. These interviews were no different either, the manager always asked the most ridiculous questions and would remind us of how well she could read people. This interview was different though. This girl was bright. She was brilliant actually. Her answers were solid and took no time. She had done a lot of volunteer work, she wanted to continue further into the field. This girl was driven and passionate and while I could never admit it at the time, the rush of butterflies like I was 12 years old came. We continued on with the interview and eventually had to bring it to an end. I knew I’d see her again as she was easily one of the best interviews I had ever sat in on. I wouldn’t see her for just over a month and even during that entire time I was nervous. What would I say? I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable at any point for any reason. Long story short here… I was lucky enough for her to fall in love with me like I did her.


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