No Longer Alone

A tear fell down his face like a rain drop on the window. Warm with emotion and confusion he tried to sort through his thoughts. He was scared to be alone. He feared being alone more than anything. It was confusing for him. He spent years alone, how could the thought of it scare him now? How could someone enter his life and leave such an impact that he feared the thing he knew best? Every time he looked in her liquid brown eyes he saw a glimmer of hope that it was going to be okay. He knew that as long as he had her everything would always be okay. He was scared to be alone but above all he was scared to lose her. Her smell was like home. When he’d breath around her he’d be at ease no matter how stressful the situation. She looked like a queen to him. Not just any queen, his queen. There wasn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do for her. He couldn’t be whole without her.


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