Natures Survival

In nature we find the absolute most beautiful sights to see. However as humans, we’ve seem to make it our mission to destroy these beautiful things. From our oceans to our mountain ranges, the damages we have done can be seen everywhere. As someone who has a deep passion and connection with the ocean it is heartbreaking to see the destruction we’ve caused that could very well be our own destruction. We continue to deplete our own resources as well as the creatures around us. The life in the sea plays a vital role in our existence and our survival as a species. Seeing the destruction and massive die-off of the coral reefs is heartbreaking. In the smallest sliver of the ocean there is so much life, some much to see. It is at this point now that we need to come together and make the needed changes to save not only ourselves but the beauty that surrounds us every day. We don’t deserve to live in a world where it is only us and nothing else. If our children and our children’s children ever want to see the beauty we see every day then we need to make changes to ensure our planet survives.


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