Something New For Daily Prompts

So I’ve thought about this project for a little while and now after some thought and actually learning the mechanics behind it, I’ve decided to go ahead and execute it. So what exactly am I talking about you’re asking, well here it is.

I am going to do a screen share that I post onto Youtube of me writing my prompt. The catches to this is that I’m going to only give myself 10 minutes to write it, and no matter where I end when the timer is done, that is where I will end my writing. I will add the video to Youtube where I will then add to the post of the given prompt. The only time I will give myself to come up with a plot behind the word given is; looking it up if I need to and while setting up the stuff needed to record.

I’m very excited to begin these and the first couple might be trial and error so please forgive any mistakes or lapses in time between posts. (My schedule also varies so that doesn’t help very much)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Cinco De Mayo!




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