Stormtrooper Morty

“Oh jeez… okay… oh man, Rick! What is this place?”
“We’re in the Death *uuurp* Star Morty, now put this on before we get caught?”

I am thrilled to show you my very first design, titled: Stormtrooper Morty. It is a soft enamel pin made by MadeByCooper. The pin is 40mm=1.57 inches tall. It sits on a titled card and is put inside a thin plastic cover to help protect it during shipping.

Why did I choose soft enamel for this pin? Soft enamel sits further back into the metal cut out and provides depth I feel needed for this piece for the wording, Stormtrooper armor, and background.

I have a couple other designs set up and in the works. I am hoping to sell enough of these guys to get the funding to get all of the other projects up and running.IMG_2177 2IMG_2176 3IMG_2175 2IMG_2171 2



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