Hope In Dark Sand


Loud bursts could be heard far beyond the palm trees, louder than what was normal. As I ran to the edge of the beach, I looked out over the bright blue pools of water. The waves were crashing right outside the coral reef. The white caps of each wave stretched thin, falling into the blue pool beneath them. The tide¬†was coming in and so was the darkness. Just off the horizon there was nothing but black. The storm was coming in and I wasn’t ready for it. I frantically ran back into the forest of palm trees to continue building my hut for the night. I was beat, working all day on this hut. This storm had caught me off guard and I managed to make the mistake of moving further down the coast line the night before. I thought moving in the night would be better so I wouldn’t get fried in the days sun. It was too late to head back to my old hut now though. My hands were covered in sand and blood. They had become numb from the constant pressure I was placing on them, which made tying the corners down far more difficult. My nerves caused me to shake. This was going to be a close race to the finish line and if I didn’t come out on top I was going to be in for a long night that could have been my last. As I continued to build the walls up from the trees I had cut down and covering them up further with large leaves, the wind began to steadily grow stronger and the sun seemed to drift away. I wasn’t even hot anymore. It was as if all the heat in my body had just left and the wind brought an unsettling chill up my spine. I grew tense as I looked back and saw the storm just seemingly passed the now massive waves crashing along the reefs edge. A gust of wind drove the rain right into me and my little hut in the sand. Thankfully the two walls i had finished were in the direction of the wind. I didn’t realize that through all of the bad luck, that something decent could have happened. Then I thought about it some more as I sat there and water dripped from every edge of my body; lost on and island after my boat capsized, alone, now in the thick of a storm, and i consider (This is where I’d be done but I’m going to continue) this direction of the wind and rain to be “good luck”. I really was searching for any kind of happiness. I’m just glad i found something, even as small as this to hold onto.


Now, this was was pre written more as a test but I plan on having the rest of them being more of a “freestyle”. I may go from 10 to 15 minutes to account for the times I’ll get stuck mid way through a prompt. I mean that would just be boring staring at an empty screen, right?


Something New For Daily Prompts

So I’ve thought about this project for a little while and now after some thought and actually learning the mechanics behind it, I’ve decided to go ahead and execute it. So what exactly am I talking about you’re asking, well here it is.

I am going to do a screen share that I post onto Youtube of me writing my prompt. The catches to this is that I’m going to only give myself 10 minutes to write it, and no matter where I end when the timer is done, that is where I will end my writing. I will add the video to Youtube where I will then add to the post of the given prompt. The only time I will give myself to come up with a plot behind the word given is; looking it up if I need to and while setting up the stuff needed to record.

I’m very excited to begin these and the first couple might be trial and error so please forgive any mistakes or lapses in time between posts. (My schedule also varies so that doesn’t help very much)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Cinco De Mayo!



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