Stormtrooper Morty Soft Enamel Pin


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“Oh jeez… okay… oh man, Rick! What is this place?”
“We’re in the Death *uuurp* Star Morty, now put this on before we get caught?”

This is my very first design, titled: Stormtrooper Morty. It is a soft enamel pin made by MadeByCooper. The pin is 40mm=1.57 inches tall. It sits on a titled card and is put inside a thin plastic cover to help protect it during shipping.

Why did I choose soft enamel for this pin? Soft enamel sits further back into the metal cut out and provides depth I feel needed for this piece for the wording, Stormtrooper armor, and background.

As with all soft enamel pins, they are more likely to get dirty compared to hard enamel pins.

Imaging issues only allow me to post a single photo, however under my ‘Art’ tab you can find more photos of this piece.


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